Making complex security simple

Based on 20 years’ experience helping customers facilitate, enhance, and master cyber and information security, the vSUITE platform of information security management tools can help you:

  • Identify risks and link them to controls
  • Determine which actions will mitigate risk, and monitor changes in risk
  • Classify assets according to their criticality and identify the need to protect, based on where sensitive data resides and flows
  • Evaluate safeguards, and check their security status
  • Select processes and areas for follow-up

And of course, we can ensure your alignment with ISO 27000.

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Manage risks and see the progress

  • Locate, analyse and evaluate risks
  • Get a clear, comprehensive overview of critical risks and status
  • Define a transparent reporting process
  • Develop actionable feedback and risk treatment plans
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Identify and classify sensitive, strategically-important assets

  • Identify critical assets and information
  • Assess information assets’ value
  • View and evaluate digital services and resource dependencies for protection
  • Create a complete register of information, resources, and processes including personal data
  • One source - one register
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Assess. Evaluate. Adapt

  • Create measuring points for assessment
  • Distribute surveys and collect responses automatically
  • Create comprehensive reports for different target groups within the organization
  • Generate quantitative results and easy-to-compare graphs
  • Generate activities to close gaps
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Are you our next international partner? At vSRC, we’re always on the lookout for new members to join our expanding team of vSUITE resale and licensing experts. Our partners provide true value to their clients – supporting and enhancing their digital security at every level. We’re ready to guide you through every stage of business development. Because we know that the best way to grow our business is to help you grow yours.

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About us

Straight from the source

vSRC is the creator and licensor of vSUITE – a bundle of smart, easy-to-use tools that make it easy to master the increasingly complex world of cyber and information security. Customers choose us because they want a 360-degree view of their data-security needs. They get that, and more – 20 years of expertise and experience is always part of the deal.

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