About vSRC (vee source)

– a history of V:s

vSRC is the creator and licensor of vSUITE a bundle of smart and easy-to-use digital tools that let you master the game of cyber and information security.

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Our story begins in 1999, with the founding of our daughter company, Veriscan. Veriscan was a forerunner of ISO 27000 standards, and has helped organizations from 10 to 100.000 employees implement the standards. Based on the history and experience of Veriscan, vSRC has embedded more than 20 years’ of accumulated knowledge and experience into an effective, smart, easy-to-use bundle of tools.

Our philosophy and offer

We facilitate and enhance the management of information and cyber security.

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Vision – A 360 -degree view of your security, and a simple, graphic overview of your status, followed by transparent reporting

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Versatility – A combination of easy-to-use tools that cover every phase of the process

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Veracity – Including analysis and reports that recommend specific actions to mitigate risk

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Value – Only a small investment is required to protect high-value assets

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