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Identify and classify sensitive, strategically-important assets

- The first step to protecting your assets is understanding them

The vIC tool helps you identify critical assets and information that need to be protected, and then locates them within your network. This information can be collected in a single register of information, resources, and processes, which can be built during the classification phase of the process. This work will be based on your actual case, rather than on a centralized assumption, and will be produced in accordance with ISO /IEC 27001, GDPR requirements, and other standards. vIC makes it possible to generate a single-source overview of your classified information assets.

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Optimal control

  • A single register for all information assets and classifications
  • Visual presentation of asset structure and relationships
  • Discrepancies between demand and protection capability
  • Steering user privileges
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  • Configure according to your needs
  • Use your own defined process throughout the organization, including methodology, taxonomy, roles and responsibilities
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  • No installation required, works with a standard browser on any device
  • Get started right away
  • Modern, easy-to-use, touch screen interface
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Visual reports

  • Customizable, graphic reports
  • Selective reporting for enhanced focus
  • Multiple views, for comparison and analysis
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