vRA in vSUITE:

Assess risks – and manage the risk repository

- You can’t eliminate a risk you can’t see

With vSUITE’s vRA tool, you can locate, analyse and evaluate risks, and then create actionable feedback and risk-mitigation plans to deal with them. While ease of use is vRA’s greatest benefit, flexibility ranks a close second. vRA lets you manage many types of risk, linking them to multiple facets of your business organization. The risk landscape is complex. The ability to select different report views with a single click is a benefit you won’t believe until you test it yourself.

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Optimal control

  • Status of risks throughout the entire organization, along with recommended follow-up
  • Ongoing risk assessments make it easy to integrate security into daily work processes
  • Ability to manage all types of risk, including: operational, information, and financial
  • A transparent reporting process and graphic, visual presentations, tailored to specific target groups
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  • Utilize your own regulatory library, define your own risk categories, and more
  • Link your risks to security measures, requirements, and laws
  • Reflect the structure of the organization, regardless of size
  • Utilize your defined organizational structure and terminology, including methodology, taxonomy, roles and responsibilities
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  • No dedicated client required, works with a standard browser on any device
  • Get started right away
  • Modern, easy-to-use, touch screen interface
  • Simple, graphic reports that visualize risks and activities
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Visual reports

  • Define your levels of risk from the start
  • Target levels after risk mitigation
  • Changes in risk levels after follow-up
  • Status of activities, etc.
  • Selective reporting that addresses specific questions
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