vSA in vSUITE:

Accurate status based on continuous self-assessment

- Know where you stand, so you can take a stand

vSA in vSUITE makes it possible to gather information regarding the current status of your data security, or any other subject. It also enables the designs of one or several survey templates for internal use in larger organizations or external use throughout the supply chain.

Reports are based on survey responses, and all results are gathered in vSA, so you can get a complete picture from a single source.

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Optimal control

  • Uses self-assessment to address specific issues
  • Easy to select different surveys
  • Status and follow-up of surveys from all respondents
  • Ability to manage multiple surveys with different design parameters and purposes
  • Flexible reporting, based on structured layouts and combinations
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  • Use, adapt, and tailor your survey templates
  • Select respondents according to their roles
  • Use your own defined organizational structure and terminology
  • Select reporting formats
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  • No dedicated client required, works with a standard browser on any device
  • Get started right away
  • Modern, easy-to-use, touch screen interface
  • Simple, graphic reports that visualize risks and activities
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Visual reports

  • Enable visualization of total, areas, categories, and data points
  • Other visualization of reporting formats can be selected
  • Results and status can be visualized
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