Take Control, with vSUITE

Agile, effective, and always ready

A busy CISO is the all-knowing spider at the centre of any successful company’s information and data net. The CISO has thousands of threads to keep track of and endless threats to eliminate. The vSUITE bundle of smart, flexible, digital tools makes it simple to evaluate the status of your organization’s security. With bottom-up knowledge vSUITE lets you take full control of your cyber and information security, and keeps you aligned with important standards, such as ISO 27000.

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Optimal control

  • Three tools in a single platform
  • A transparent reporting process and graphic, visual presentations
  • Actionable feedback and clear risk mitigation plans
  • Ability to adjust the implementation of the tools
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  • Tools can stand alone or be combined
  • Transition effortlessly between tools
  • Configure to meet your needs
  • Customizable graphic report templates
  • Easily adapt to your organization’s processes
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  • No installation required, works with a standard browser on any device
  • Get started right away
  • Modern, easy-to-use, touch screen interface
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Visual reports

  • Customizable, graphic reports
  • Selective reporting for enhanced focus
  • Multiple views, for comparison and analysis
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